Happy Birthday America!

I had the opportunity to visit a couple of different villages on or near the
lake, those being Heviz and also Tihany.  The latter had a stunning
cathedral which provided me with the opportunity to take some great shots. 

In consideration of America’s birthday, I must
say that I wish I could instantly blink myself to 204 St. just off Lakeshore
Blvd. in Euclid Ohio just outside of Cleveland for the annual July 4th
celebration.  Complete with hamburgers and hot dogs, swimming and
fishing in Lake Erie, playing baseball and Frisbee in the field, and of
course watching all the cuties in the parade whose parents have dressed them
up in the parade which goes up and down the three or four streets which make
up the beach club.  Afterwards, all will go up to Memorial Park for a
brilliant fireworks show which will be accompanied by all types of oooohs
and aaaaahs!  Yes, I wish I could blink myself home for just an instant
if you will, but knowing that I can’t, I will be more than satisfied for an
evening train ride to Szged and then one on Sunday morning to Keskemet to
meet my girlfriend’s parents.  I am very excited to once again be able
to spend the weekend with her, as I often find myself missing her during the
week when work separates us.  So, without further ado, here are your
photos Bob.  I am very happy to hear you are able to log in now and
then, and for heavens sake, get your ass over here for a visit – a visit you
will never forget and always cherish… 

"I love you guys…" 

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