It has got to be the water…

all across Budapest as one walks, men are constantly turning their necks around to watch one pretty girl walk by after another.

All that being said though, I really am settling into this place I am now calling home. Each morning I walk the neighborhood and my face is becoming familiar to the residents and shop keepers here. I had a great weekend which I am not really sure how to even begin sharing it with you, or even if I can or should for that matter. Perhaps some things are better left unsaid, or written for that matter.

Today I must of spent at least two hours shooting the various levels of my office, commonly referred to by the residents of Budapest as the public library. I had a blast and the panoramas came out great. I noticed a young Hungarian boy watching intently as I shot the childrens section so I “hired” him to help me. He just loved the process, and to make it more interesting for him, I incorporated him into the panoramas. To shoot these, I take up to 14 images which the computer then stitches into one. I would have him stand or sit at various spots in a room and when the image was complete, he would magically have 4 or 5 identical brothers. He loved it. I will put them on a cd for him to enjoy at home I had translated by a librarian who spoke English.

Ok, well I better run as time is running out on the day and I have so much to do. It even amazes me that I can travel around to the other side of the world and in one week become so busy that I find myself at days end wondering where all the hours of the day disappeared to. I am going to spend the rest of the night searching for and emailing hotels in the region of Lake Balaton – Europe’s largest lake – to inquire if I can exchange some nice accomodations for the weekend that is going to be here before I know it! Maybe I will try to throw in a restaurant or two as well. Take care…

PS, Dad, won’t you please come and visit me. You can spend your days in the ancient Turkish bath down the street from my home and play chess in the water with the other “old” men. Also, I have met several wonderful women her, all of whom each time you see them, give you a nice kiss on each cheek as is the custom here. I love ya.

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